Oprah with a dog in NY

Because pets are so cute, they play a large part in entertainment. Movies, TV shows, circuses and zoos all use animals to entertain us. Although we love to encounter animals on screen and in person, it is vital that these animals are treated well.

In 1940, after the filming of the movie, “Jesse James,” in which a terrified horse was killed after being forced to run off a cliff, the American Humane Association opened its Western Regional Office in Hollywood, California, to fight animal cruelty in film productions. In 1941, the Association of Motion Picture Producers agreed to give the AHA open access to all movie sets using animals. However, PETA explains that the AHA presence on a movie set is no guarantee to protect against animal abuse. AHA only monitors the actual filming, not training sessions where abuse is most likely to occur.

Animal lovers should educate themselves regarding which industries are prone to mistreatment of animals and boycott them. And before going to an individual show, film or other event, check out whether animal welfare organizations have given it the stamp of approval.

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