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Pet lovers are interested in many topics, from the practical to the theoretical. They want to know how to care best for their pets as well as what's going on around the world in the animal kingdom.

Many people have pets that they consider as their companion, loyal bestfriend, and a member of the family. Pets are very reliable especially in times of trouble and when we have heavy feelings inside us which we cannot convey to our human friend, with them you could burst everything out without being judged, they just listens to you and gives you the comfort and solace that you need.

On the Pet Wiki there is a wide variety of articles about pets in general, in addition to the articles about specific species. There are articles about adoption, pet health, conservation and travel, among others. On this page you can browse all our All Pets topics and click right to the articles that interest you.

If you are interested in something that pertains to one type of pet, see that page:

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