Vital Statistics:
Place of Origin: Middle East
Group: Sighthound
Height: males about 28 in., females 25 in.
Weight: males 50-60 lbs., females 35-45 lbs.
Life span: 13 yrs.
Trainability: moderate
Good with children: with kind children, supervise
Good with other pets: will probably see other animals as prey

What is the origin of the Saluki?

Arabs think of the Saluki as a gift from Allah. It’s named after an ancient Arab city, Salug. The Saluki is probably a cross between Egyptian and Asian greyhounds and is a relative of the Afghan Hound. It is sometimes referred to as the Gazelle Hound. The Saluki is considered the oldest of dog breeds and has been known since 329 BC.

What does the Saluki look like?

The Saluki is an elegant looking dog, 25-28 inches tall and 35-60 lbs. depending on gender. Eyes are large and oval, hazel to dark brown. The long ears are pendant and covered with silky feathering. The tail is long, slightly curved and well-feathered on the underside. The coat is soft and sleek with feathering on the legs and backs of thighs. The smooth coated variety has no feathering. All dog colors are seen. The Saluki by nature is a clean dog with little odor. Occasional brushing will keep the coat healthy.

What is the temperament of the Saluki?

The Saluki is devoted and loyal to its owner. While obedience training is necessary, Salukis are sensitve and should be handled gently. They are good with children who treat them well. Since the Saluki is a sight hunter and considers small animals as prey, it’s not a good idea to bring them together with small pets. The Saluki has incredible speed and needs lots of space to run. It would  not be happy with apartment living unless it can be taken out daily for a long run.

What are the uses of the Saluki?

The Saluki is an excellent watchdog and an affectionate family companion.

Possible Health Issues

Heart defects, cancer, skin conditions, hypothyroidism

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