Promising Drug for FIP in Cats

FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis) is a coronavirus iTn cats. While it infects a large number of kittens, they usually show a mild case of diarrhea and afterwards fully recover. In grown cats, the virus can lie dormant and then suddenly appear in a mutated version called FIP.

The prognosis for cats with FIP has been very poor. The only treatment available is for the symptoms of the disease and the cats usually succumb within a relatively short period of time. The choices for the cat’s owner is either palliative care or euthanasia.

There is a dry form and a wet form of FIP. Diagnosis is difficult as current testing does not always identify the disease or its form.

Now for better news. Scientists are experimenting with a new drug, injecting the FIP virus into 8 cats. When symptoms of the disease became very bad, the cats received injections twice daily for 14-20 days of an experimental antivirus protease inhibitor labeled GC376. Although two of the cats had to be euthanized, the other six made what is considered miraculous recoveries.

Improvement was rapid and at the end of treatment, all 6 cats were tested and appeared normal. Observation of the cats after 8 months showed no sign of the disease.

Hopefully, further studies will prove the drug to be effective against FIP which would mean it is no longer a death sentence for cats.

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