Mountain Cur

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Vital Statistics:
Place of Origin: United States
Group: Hunting dog, Gun dog
Height: 16-25 in.
Weight: 45-95 lbs.
Life span: 12-16 yrs.
Trainability: high
Good with children: best with older children
Good with other pets: good with other dogs, but has a high prey drive,
so can’t be trusted with small animals

What is the origin of the Mountain Cur?

The Mountain Cur originally came to America via Europeans settling in Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas and Oklahoma about 200 years ago. Mountain Curs guarded the families and property of these early settlers as well as helping to hunt for meat. With WWII, breeders were not available and the Cur became a rare sight. But thanks to Hugh Stephens and Woody Huntsman of Kentucky, Carl McConnell of Virginia and Dewey Ledbetter of Tennessee, the breed was saved. The word curtail comes from the breed because many Mountain Curs were born with bobtails.

What does the Mountain Cur look like?

The Mountain Cur is a medium-sized dog. Height is 16-25 inches, weight is anywhere from 45-95 lbs. Eyes are green, blue or light brown. Hanging ears are set high and are short to medium length. The coat is rough, medium short. Colors are brindle, black, dark brown, black and brindle, red, yellow, all sometimes with white points. The coat is easy to care for, regular brushing keeps it clean.

What is the temperament of the Mountain Cur?

Mountain Curs are intelligent, courageous and energetic. They are easily trained and live to please their human. As with all dogs the Mt. Cur should have early obedience training and socialization. They are even-tempered but wary of strangers. Mt. Curs are extremely protective of their families. They can get along with other dogs but due to their high prey drive, cannot be trusted with small animals. Because they are high energy and love the outdoors, they don’t do well living in apartments. Mt. Curs should have an equally energetic family who knows dogs and can be a firm pack leader.

What is the Mountain Cur used for?

Mountain Curs are excellent treeing dogs. They also do well in agility trials. They are outstanding guardians and loving companions of their family.

Possible Health Issues

No reported health issues to date (2013).

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