Lancashire Heeler

Lancashire Heeler
Vital Statistics:
Place of Origin: England
Group: Herding dog
Height: 10-12 in.
Weight: 6-13 lbs
Life span: 15 yrs. or more
Trainability: high
Good with children: only older children
Good with other pets: with other dogs if socialized early

What is the origin of the Lancashire Heeler?

Details of the origin of the Lancashire Heeler are cloudy. In its native England in the County of Lancashire, it has been known for about 150 years. The name “heeler” applies to a group of herding dogs that nip at the heels of their charges without injury, to get them moving. This Heeler is named as a “vulnerable native breed” since less than 300 have been registered at The Kennel Club.

What does the Lancashire Heeler look like?

The Lancashire Heeler if about 10-12 inches tall. Weight is 6-13 lbs. Its legs are very short. Ears are erect. The coat is smooth with an undercoat that keeps the dotg dry in all weather. In winter, there is a mane visible around the neck. Coat colors are black and tan or liver and tan.

What is the temperament of the Lancashire Heeler?

The Lancashire Heeler is a courageous dog. Training should be conducted with a kind but firm hand. They are very intelligent and can be stubborn, so patience is required. They should have early socialization with other dogs. These heelers are affectionate with their owners, but are not suitable for families with young children. They do better with older children. Your yard should be dog-proofed to avoid their escape. A dog park is a great place to exercise them where they can run free to release energy. They do well living in apartments if they have enough exercise.

What is the Lancashire Heeler used for?

The Lancashire was mainly a farm dog, herding and guarding cattle and sheep. They have also hunted rats and rabbits. They can be trained to compete in agility and obedience trials. Most have good temperaments and can make excellent therapy dogs.

Possible Health Issues

Eye diseases, patellar luxation.

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