K9 Veterans Day

Service Dog


K9 Veterans Day recognizes brave dogs serving in a number of capacities – Military dogs, Customs dogs, Search and Rescue dogs, Border Patrol dogs, Police dogs, Secret Service dogs, Airport Security dogs, FBI dogs and more.

The movement to celebrate the lives of these 4-legged heroes was started by former military dog handler, Joe White. Joe served in Vietnam and witnessed first hand, dogs’ abilities to perform tasks beyond a human’s capacity.

Until now, these dogs were only honored and remembered in the hearts of those whose lives they saved.

Florida, Joe’s home state, was the first to set March 13th as K9 Veterans Day. This date was chosen as the date of celebration because it is the official birthday of the U.S. K9 Corps since 1942.

Sadly, Joe passed away in 2009, but his wife Sally continues the effort to make K9 Veterans Day a holiday in all 50 states and at least 500 cities and towns.

Dogs have been man’s best friend…well, since they met each other thousands of years ago. Those of us who share our lives with them are blessed beyond measure. And whether a veteran or simply a special pet, we treasure them.

For more information about the K9 Veterans Day movement, please see online, K9veteransday.org to learn what we can do to honor these heroes. Hopefully the movement will spread worldwide.

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