Gordon Setter

Gordon Setter
Vital Statistics:
Place of Origin: Scotland
Group: Sporting, Gun dog
Height: males 24-27 in., females 23-26 in.
Weight: males 55-80 lbs., females 45-70 lbs.
Life span: 10-12 yrs.
Trainability: high
Good with children: yes with kind children
Good with other pets: high prey drive, will chase small animals

Dog of the Month for October

The Gordon Setter is a tireless hunter, loyal and affectionate with family members.

What is the origin of the Gordon Setter?

In the 1700s, in Scotland, the Duke of Gordon bred a strain of black and tan setters known as Gordon Castle Setters. Gordon Setters came to the U.S. in the middle 1800s. Gordons are the heaviest and slowest of the breed.

What does the Gordon Setter look like?

Gordon Setters are 23-27 inches tall and weigh 45-80 lbs. depending on gender. The low-set ears are long and hanging. Eyes are oval and dark brown. Feet are cat-like. The tail is carried almost horizontally, well-feathered and tapering. There is feathering on the chest, ears and legs as ell. The silky coat is straight or slightly wavy and long. Color is black and tan. The coat should be brushed every 2-3 days.

What is the temperament of the Gordon Setter?

Gordons are lively, enthusiastic dogs. The are reserved with strangers and sometimes aggressive towards other dogs. Gordons offer better protection than other setters. Early training with a kind hand and socialization will help avoid problems. Gordons are good with children who treat them kindly. Gordons love to run and should have a minimum of an hour’s vigorous exercise every day. Unless you are in a safe, enclosed area or a fenced-in yard, it’s best to leash a Gordon while outdoors as they will follow a scent anywhere.

What is the Gordon Setter used for?

The Gordon Setter is an excellent bird dog and will tirelessly hunt and stand at point until the hunter arrives and dispatches the game. Gordons are loyal and affectionate companions.

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