German Shorthaired Pointer

German Shorthaired Pointer
Vital Statistics:
Place of Origin: Germany
Group: Sporting dog, Gun dog
Height: males 23-25 in., females 21-23 in.
Weight: males 55-70 lbs., females 45-60 lbs.
Life span: 12-15 yrs.
Trainability: moderate
Good with children: yes
Good with other pets: yes if raised with them

The ancestry of the German Shorthaired Pointer is the Spanish Pointer. In 1600 Flemish hunters brought the Spanish Pointer to Germany where it was bred to Italian and English pointers which made it faster and more vigorous.

What does the German Shorthaired Pointer look like?

The German Shorthair is about 21-25 inches tall and weighs between 45-70 lbs. It has a lean head and a large brown nose. The lips are slightly pendent. Ears are of medium length, flat against the head with rounded points. The hair is short and thick. Colors are solid liver, liver and white, roan, speckled or patched. Feet are webbed.

What is the German Shorthaired Pointer’s temperament?

The German Shorthair is an intelligent dog, full of energy, trainable and friendly. It is good with children and loves all the family. It must have lots of exercise and interaction with the family. The German Shorthair is not really good in apartments as it needs space and strenuous outdoor activity on a regular basis. It is loyal to the family and protective as well.

What are the German Shorthaired Pointer’s uses?

The German Shorthaired Pointer is primarily an outstanding hunting dog. It excels at pointing, retrieving and following game on any type of terrain, and in water. It does well in track, obedience, field and hunting trials. The German Shorthair makes a wonderful companion, particularly for a sports-minded family.

Possible Health Issues

Hip dysplasia, bloat/gastric torsion, hypothyroidism, osteochondrosis dissecans, von Willebrand’s disease, entropion, pannus, lymphedema.

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