Dippity Pig Syndrome

The medical term for Dippity Pig Syndrome is Erythema Multiforme. It means a reddening of the skin, generally in patches and occurs in pot bellied pigs and usually affects pigs under 2 years of age.

Dippity Pig Syndrome occurs suddenly. The name refers to the way the pig seems to dip his/her back to ease the pain.

Symptoms can be sensitivity to touch on the back. The pig’s back may look as if it dropped down. There can be hind quarter weakness causing the pig to fall. The pig may be in pain and become restless. Moist red oozing areas from rump halfway up the back may or may not appear. Some symptoms occur within minutes and others within hours. The pig may scream in pain.

While the cause is not really known, onset may be due to stress. Changes in diet, a vet visit, change in routine, sudden loud noises, perhaps even sun exposure are reasons mentioned. Spring and summer are the most common times for Dippity to occur.

There is no treatment for Dippity. However creams or sprays can be applied to help heal lesions. Your vet may prescribe pain medications, anti-histamines, antibiotics to prevent infection. Make sure your pet has plenty of fresh water to remain hydrated.

This strange condition runs its course anywhere from 24-72 hours after which it disappears as quickly as it came on. There don’t seem to be any lasting effects from the condition. Dippity can be a one-time event or it can recur many times It’s seldom seen in older pigs.

If your pig has Dippity, try to reduce stress. Confine your pig to an area that is quiet with appropriate temperatures for the season. While it is not known if stress is the culprit, it helps to keep your pig calm.

If you suspect Dippity in your pig, call your vet before administering any treatment on your own.

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