Calm Your Dog

Crazy Dog

So you have a pup that is so full of energy that s/he never seems to sit still for a moment. It can be exhausting but there are ways to use that excess energy and teach your dog to relax.

Energetic dogs need lots of vigorous daily exercise. Long walks, runs, hikes, visiting a dog park are good choices.

Use training as a tool to get rid of some excess energy. Your dog will learn good behaviors as you channel that pep into something positive.

Invest in some interactive toys and puzzle toys. They stimulate your dog’s mind as well as his/her body.

When you think your dog is becoming over-excited, have him/her go into the crate to calm down. Alternatively, you can make a comfortable area where you dog can rest when you give the command to go to his/her place.

Teach your dog to wait. This trains your dog to have self-control. My dogs will not touch their food bowls until I use my word that it’s okay to eat. Use a different word to stop your dog from dashing out the door before you when it’s walk time.

It’s a balancing act because you don’t want your dog to lose all of that spirit as long as s/he responds to you when you ask for calm.

You may want to use massage or the TTouch to calm your dog. A few drops of lavender on the neck also has a calming effect.

When I adopted my then year old pitbull mix, Murphy, the people at the shelter assured me she was very calm and quiet. As soon as I got her home, Murphy took one look at my GSD, Quanah, and decided enough with the peace and quiet – it’s playtime all the time. We took them both for an introductory walk and they bonded almost immediately. It took a lot of patience and training, but Murphy is much calmer now. Or is it because it’s 4 years later and she’s grown older.

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