Bug Bites and Cats

Cats love to chase bugs. Their actions are attractive to cats who will pounce on anything that moves. But some insects can be dangerous to cats as they will strike back when attacked.

We know the damage fleas and ticks can inflict on our pets. They irritate the skin, sometimes causing infection and transmitting disease to our cats. Some cats can have an allergic reaction to flea and tick bites.

Ear mites are invisible to our eyes, but the black stuff they leave is not. If your cat’s ear canal looks like there are small coffee grounds present, it’s probably the waste products of the mites. Mites are highly contagious among pets, so if one cat has them, all the pets should be treated.

Outdoor cats that have wounds are at risk for maggots. Flies lay their eggs in the area of the wound. The maggots soon burrow into the skin and can be absorbed into the bloodstream causing blood poisoning. Try to clean the area and bring your cat to the vet for further examination and treatment.

A bee or wasp sting can be very painful for your cat. The bite area becomes red and swollen. Check to see if the stinger is still there and using a tweezer, pull it out.

Mosquito bites are less common but can be annoying for your cat. Just as in humans, the site becomes red, itchy and somewhat swollen.

Spider bites are not common and are generally not dangerous. The bite area causes little pain, but can swell slightly and itch.

If your cat spends any time outdoors, check his/her body at home for any bites or injuries. If your cat has a reaction to any sting or bite such as redness around eyes or lips, trouble breathing, vomiting, unsteady gait, seek immediate veterinary attention. THIS IS A MEDICAL EMERGENCY. Bring your cat to vet immediately for treatment.

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