Are Wolves Really Our Dogs’ Ancestors


New DNA evidence seems to point to the fact that both dogs and wolves have evolved from large wolf-like canines that have been extinct for thousands of years. This could mean that while they are related, the dog’s ancestor is not the wolf.

Dogs have been domesticated for thousands of years. They’ve been bred by humans to suit their jobs, whether it be herding, hunting, guarding, simply pets and more. That’s why each breed is known for its individual characteristics and personalities.

Just as we humans have changed over thousands of years, adapting to our world, so have dogs and other animals.

Behavioral studies have also shown marked differences in some behaviors between dogs and wolves. Does this mean that proponents of raw feeding for dogs could be mistaken? You be the judge and make the choices you and your dog are comfortable with.

For more information, read the study from PLoS Genetics and co-author, Robert Wayne or go to

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