Dog Health, are Vitamin Supplements Necessary?

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Hello dog lovers. Like many of you, I too see a lot of advertisements and discussion about using dog supplements or dog vitamins. Everything from joint supplements for dogs, all the way to adding muscle to your dogs! Which supplement to choose and are they even necessary? Let me answer these questions with personal experiences of mine.

For a while I wondered why my breeder had so many great pictures of all his dogs (American Bulldogs) yet the puppy I paid $2000 for always looks skinny and underfed. I tried all dog foods recommended by the vets office, standard commercial foods, holistic foods, finally RAW feeding. Sometimes the diet change would cause severe diarrhea for my dog, sometimes he wouldn’t even want to touch his food.

What to do? I did some research, countless books, Google, all sorts of remedies were suggested. However, I have a lot of experience in the nutrition field so I decided that my dog would suffer no more at the expense of big corporations pushing cheap and processed materials into my dogs body. I too take supplements and decided to try a few reputable brands. My main goal was to improve the health of my dog’s digestive system which in turn would at least help him look more muscular and filled in the way an American Bulldog is supposed to look. But one main concern of mine was that most of these supplements contained a blend of weight gainer ingredients. This is not what I wanted, I wanted a dog vitamin supplement that had no extra filler type ingredients in it.

Finally after a lot of trial and error I came across a dog supplement that was recommended by my veterinarian, Buff K-9 Supplements Original Formula. Within the first week of using this product I didn’t notice much but my friends were asking me what I was feeding my dog, because he was looking more energetic and fuller. I ignored it. After another 3 weeks my dog’s skin and coat showed visible signs of improvement on top of lean muscle gains. The results could not be disputed, they were real. Unbelievable. I just add it to the raw food I feed him and that is it, he eats it right up and you can visibly see the improvements. What does this tell me? Supplements are necessary not only for humans, but for dog’s too.

Are dog vitamins necessary for your dog? Well do you want to give your dog the best advantage possible at living a great healthy and energetic life? Would you go the extra mile to protect your dog’s health? Or have you thought, vitamins are expensive, my dog food contains ll the vitamins, NOT TRUE. I can show you exactly why this is true. When we cook vegetables and meats, the nutrients have been proven to be killed with the heat. Well how do you think your dog food is made, it is heated to a point to kill bacteria and to make it a hard kibble. What happens to the nutrients, they die.

Anyways, if you are on the fence about putting your dog on vitamins or supplements, don’t think twice. Your dog will absolutely benefit no matter the breed, size or age. I had great experiences with [] and your dog could benefit as well.

Steven Montgomery
May 18th, 2012

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