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What are some home remedies for fleas?

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I really don't want to use a lot of chemicals on my dogs. I've only seen one or two fleas on them. Are their any home remedies that really work?
asked Jul 12, 2013 in Dog Care by anonymous

1 Answer

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Bathe your dogs using a gentle citrus scented shampoo. Use a flea comb daily. Wash pet's bedding and toys and vacuum floors, furniture and carpet often. Empty bag after each use, wrapping the contents well and dispose of it outside the house in an area designated for garbage. Use diatomaceous earth, the edible kind, in your garden. Purchase melrose oil. Place 8-10 drops in 8 oz. of water.and spray your dogs. A heavy infestation and you can increase the oil, even up to 30-40 drops. Reapply as needed. Always check with your vet when using oils as they are usually safe for dogs, but cats can be very sensitive to them.
answered Jul 21, 2013 by (36,420 points)