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Bad Reaction to Doxycycline and Fish Oil?

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My cocker spaniel was prescribed Doxycycline. I added fish oil to her food. She died. I later read onthe website www.drugs.com about drug interactions which indicated that it is not good to mix Fish Oil with Doxycycline. It indicates that Fish Oil contains Vitamin A and should not be given with several other medication.
asked Apr 9, 2016 in Dog Health by anonymous

1 Answer

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So sorry for the loss of your dear dog. I apologize for the delayed answer due to computer problems. Could it possibly have been an allergic reaction to doxycycline? It's difficult to answer not knowing why your dog was on doxy, but it's true that drugs and supplements interact and can be dangerous. Please read our article, "Update on Fish Oil Supplements" as of May 2014.
answered Apr 13, 2016 by (36,420 points)