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Amazon Parrot

Where does the Amazon Parrot come from? The Amazon Parrot is a bird native to the New World from South America to Central America to Mexico and the Caribbean islands. What does the Amazon Parrot look like? The prevailing color of the Amazon Parrot is green with accent colors that can be quite showy. Size […]

Bird Breeds Parrots

African Grey Parrot

Where is the African Grey Parrot from? As the name implies, the African Grey Parrot is from the rainforest of West and Central Africa. The ancient Egyptians were known to keep them as pets. Later the Greeks and Romans did as well. There is the Congo African Grey and the Timneh African Grey. They both […]

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Where does the Cockatiel come from? The Cockatiel is native to inland Australia. It inhabits the wetlands and bush. As Australia does not allow the export of native wildlife, Cockatiels are bred in captivity. What does the Cockatiel look like? The Cockatiel is kin to the Cockatoo, but smaller. The Cockatiel’s yellow crest is erect […]