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What is the best type of litter to use for my rabbit?

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I've seen a lot of stuff written up about the best type of litter to use for cats, but nothing about rabbits. What's the best type for rabbits?
asked Jun 25, 2013 in Rabbits by anonymous

1 Answer

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Since rabbits will nibble on their litter and dusty litters can be inhaled, it's important to choose a litter that is non-toxic. Aspen pellet or shavings offer good odor control and are highly absorbent. Litter made from paper pulp or recycled paper is dust-free and  is also a good choice. There is a pellet litter called Cat Country, made from plant fibers that works well also. Don't use clay cat litter or clumping litter as they pose dangers for rabbits.
answered Jul 1, 2013 by (36,420 points)