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How can I get my dog to stop howling all night?

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We recently adopted a beagle. He's very cute, but he's also very loud. He howls all night and seems to sleep most of the day. There is nothing out there. How can we get him to keep it down?
asked Jun 10, 2013 in Dog Behavior by (3,100 points)

2 Answers

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Howling is sometimes in response to high-pitched sounds or sounds that you cannot hear. It's also a form of communication. Some dogs howl when they are stressed or in pain. First take your dog for an examination at the vet to  rule out any medical conditions. If all is well, try stimulating him physically and mentally during the day. Go for long walks. Take him to a dog park if he's old enough and has had his vaccinations. Try to re-direct his interest to a toy, play a game with him. Reward him for acceptable behavior, but don't punish him when he doesn't behave. That would lose his trust. If the problem persists, it's time to consult with an animal behaviorist. Be patient, it could take time to change his unwanted behavior.
answered Jun 13, 2013 by (36,420 points)
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You mention that he's howling "out there." Do you keep him outside all night? Many dogs howl from simple loneliness at night if they're kept outside. Trying bringing him inside. He might be tired from howling all night, so he sleeps during the day (dogs sleep 18 - 20 out of every 24 hours anyway).  

If you're concerned about your dog raiding the kitchen at night or leaving a mess on the carpet, train him to sleep in a crate in your bedroom. I've done this for all my dogs and even when I later leave the door open, they usually opt to nap or sleep in their crates. Give him treats and a toy when you put him in his crate. Use a toy that he likes, but only give it to him at bedtime, and pick it up in the morning. It's helpful to give him something he can "work on" like a marrow bone, which you can get at your butcher. Also, place a t-shirt that you've worn but ot laundered inside the bed with him. Some dogs who cry at night respond to a blanket or towel placed over the crate for the first week or so. This prevents them to focusing on something that they're crying for, such as you, or the door. Others like to be able to see their people from their crate. See what works for your dog, but don't leave him outside when his whole family is inside. Dogs are social, and they enjoy the security of sleeping with the family in the den.
answered Jun 27, 2013 by (420 points)