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How can I stop my dog from barking when we put him in a crate?

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We're trying to crate train our dog before we take him on holiday. As soon as he goes in the crate, he starts barking and won't stop. How can we get him to calm down so we can enjoy our summer vacation with him?
asked May 27, 2013 in Dog Training by anonymous

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The best way to calm your dog is to make the crate a pleasant place for him. Begin training well before you go on vacation. Place a couple of favorite toys and a treat in the crate to entice him. When he goes in to investigate don't close the door at first. Stroke him and talk kindly. Do this several times until you think he's ready to sit in there with the door closed. Stay close by so he can see you and hear you. If he barks, turn away from him and ignore him. As soon as he stops, give him a treat. He'll soon learn that when he's quiet good things happen. Gradually lengthen the time in the crate and your distance away from it.

answered May 28, 2013 by (36,420 points)
Dogs and their cousins the wolf are den animals and in nature are born and raised in a den, so they feel very comfortable in a enclosed environment.  Try putting a sheet over the top and three side of the crate (just leaving the front door uncovered) which is much more like a den than a completely uncovered crate. Your dog may feel much more secure in this environment where their attention will be focused to the front.