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Can I give my dog soup bones?

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Is it safe to give my dog the bones from the soup?
asked May 27, 2013 in Dog Care by anonymous

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Only raw soup bones are okay to give your dog.  Cooking the bones can make them brittle and littles pieces can break off posing many dangers for your dog. Be aware that the marrow in the bones can cause some dogs to have upset stomachs and diarrhea. Always be present and watchful when your dog is chewing a bone. If you must leave, remove the bone. If you have multiple dogs, keep them separated when chewing bones to avoid fights.
answered May 29, 2013 by (36,420 points)
Certainly cooked bones are more prone to fracturing and splintering than raw bones, but raw bones also pose a significant risk to your dog by splintering. A bone shard swallowed by your dog is a serious health risk.
Whenever feeding your dog bones, whether raw or rawhide, nylabones, etc., never leave him/her unattended for exactly the reason you mention. Cooked bones pose a greater danger and should never be fed to dogs.