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What can I do to prepare my dog for a new baby?

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We are about to have a new addition to the family. My dog has been the baby for years. What can I do to prepare my dog so that my dog will accept my baby after he's born.
asked May 27, 2013 in Dog Behavior by anonymous

2 Answers

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Play videos of babies that include the sounds they make. Invite people with babies to visit. Let your dog explore the baby's room. Train your dog the way you want him/her to behave around the baby, ie, no jumping. Before baby comes home from the hospital, have someone bring an article with the baby's smell on it. Allow your dog to sniff it while feeding a treat so that your dog associates something good with the baby. Make sure to give your dog a regular routine and that s/he is not ignored. When you take the baby out walking, take the dog along. Most pets view the new baby as one to protect and love. Congratulations and best wishes on the coming event.
answered May 29, 2013 by (36,420 points)
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Be sure you teach the dog that all humans outrank all dogs. Many people make the mistake of over-compensating for the attention that the baby takes away from the dog, and when the dog and baby are together, they make a fuss over the dog. This tells the dog that the dog comes first. You don't want a dog that thinks she has to protect the baby, because fairly soon, no one will be able to come into your house or approach your children. Don't let the dog approach the baby unless she is calm. Don't talk in high-pitched baby voice to the dog when she is near the baby; an apologetic attitude or voice from you will communicate to the dog that there's something to be anxious about. Don't let the dog stand over the baby, get into the baby's bed or stroller, or take the baby's things. Encourage her to approach, sniff, and lie down quietly closeby. Humming or singing to the baby can be calming and comforting to the dog, too. Stroking the dog when she's lying down can also help her bond with the baby. Be calm, relaxed and in charge so that the dog can relax and get to know her new master. Once an appropriate relationship has been established, then a loving bond can form.
answered Jun 27, 2013 by (420 points)