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Do bearded dragons shave their beard before a date?

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what is the proper etiquette for male grooming in the lizard world?
asked May 22, 2013 in Lizards by (1,570 points)

2 Answers

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No, I think they just puff up their beard/skin to show off. :)
answered May 22, 2013 by (3,430 points)
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Bearded dragons are different than most lizards in that they have a layer of skin-like projections that protrude from their chin and on the sides of their mouth, commonly  referred to as a 'beard'. They puff out these spikes (which are soft,and only look sharp) when defending themselves and sometimes when in competition with other males.  This Masculine and rugged 5 O'clock shadows makes the ladies go crazy...you could even say that the bearded dragon is the ultimate stud of the lizard world.

Considering that the females were brought up in the wild, and beauty is very much a cultural phenomenon, they are not used to the clean shaven look of the successful 20th century male. The beard also aids in scaring away predators, and what girl doesnt want to feel protected by her man? So, the answer to this question is NO - Bearded Dragons do not usually shave their beards before a date.
answered May 23, 2013 by (1,180 points)
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