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Is it normal that my dog never leaves my side?

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Ever since we adopted our pup from the shelter and he follows me wherever I go. Even when I go to the bathroom, he sits outside the door and waits for me to get out. Is this normal behavior?

asked Apr 29, 2013 in Dog Behavior by (1,400 points)

1 Answer

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It sounds as though your dog may have some separation anxiety issues. Having been adopted from a shelter, he feels the need to be close to you so that you won't leave him. Of course, all dogs love to be close to their humans being the social animals that they are. My dogs have a fenced-in garden to wander, but are in and out all day to check on me. Since my house is small they are always close by and will follow me if I go out in the garden or wait at the door until they realize I'm out for the day. Do you know how your pup behaves when you leave the house? If you find his attention annoying, you could try going into a room alone, either putting up a gate or closing the door for a short time. Ignore the dog if he protests by whining or barking. Gradually lengthen the time alone until he feels comfortable. It may take some time for him to realize he's in his forever home and that you will not abandon him.
answered Apr 30, 2013 by (36,420 points)