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What can I do to stop my dog from begging at the table?

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We adopted a 4-year-old dog and she came with this annoying habit of begging at the table. I never give my dog scraps from the table and I don't let anyone else give her any either. What I do to get her to stop begging when we sit down for a meal?

asked Apr 28, 2013 in Dog Training by mamairis (6,910 points)

1 Answer

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Teach your dog the down/stay commands, gradually lenthening the stay until you finish your meal. You can also temporarily put up a barrier - a gate - to keep your dog away from your eating area. Never feed your dog at the table. But you can give her a meal of her own in a designated place away from where you are eating. You can also give her a toy or puzzle that you can put treats in to keep her occupied until you finish your meal.
answered Apr 29, 2013 by (36,420 points)