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How do I get my scared rat to open up?

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I adopted 2 female dumbo rats a week ago. They are just over 5 weeks old. They are in a three tier wire cage with food bowl, water bottle, house and rat safe toys. One of them was skittish at first but has slowly opened up and now is playfull, happy to see me and likes to be held. The other is terrified. I can't get her to come out of the house. She won't take treats from me and does not want to be touched. I've been taking it slow with her and waiting for her to come to me, but after a week there's been no improvement. I feel bad that she's so scared. Do you have any advice on how to make her more comfortable?
asked Jan 21, 2016 in Rats by anonymous

1 Answer

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You'll have to be patient. With some pets it takes quite a while to win their trust. Don't make any sudden moves around her. Keep offering her treats, perhaps something you can place on a finger rather than your whole hand. If you know a favorite food, try offering her some. Hold your hand very still and she may decide to come out of the house to inspect it. If she does, don't move yet, let her be curious and sniff you. Leave a tiny article of  clothing that you've worn in the cage near her so she becomes familiar with your scent. Spend some time just sitting near the cage where she can see you. Each animal has its own personality. With time and patience she should come around.
answered Jan 24, 2016 by (36,420 points)