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can a city come in & take& kill my babys bcause i have 2 many 2 suit them?

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I have lived heresence June 1992 & have had chows the whole time & this year the town put all new people in.I have 6 chows not bought in this country b-cause of inbreading. my dogs are now spaded & nutered except for 2 a brother & sister witch we have not had money to do yet. I'm 59 handycapped there are 5 sexual predeters living here close by,my dogs are my kids my protection & they want to kill them even though we had people on our side. I have a bad heart on top of it if the kill my kids it will kill me. I have till the 14th of sept. & they will more than likely take them by force. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME? UNION CITY ,OK. ARE THE ONES GONNA PUT THEM DOWN.PLEASE HELP SAVE MY BABYS? MY E-MAIL is [email protected]  sincerly Marcia Nolan P.S.& We have already payed Union city councle $ 100. dollars to have 6 dogs! But because they don't like us they want to kill our dogs & as long as we have lived here we have not bothered anyone & stayed to our selves & yet now after all these years of no one minding anyone else's dogs everyone took care of each others dogs why now? there is wolfs & big cats killing animals & our dogs are getting the blame eventhough the are pened up. & we live in the country.People are moveing out right & left because of what they are doing to everyone.But we cannot afford to move. we have a patent but cannot get an honest co. to buy or we to would move tomorrow befor they could kill our kids.They have not done anything wronge to die for! please help save my babys.Thank you for your time.
asked Aug 30, 2015 in Dog Breeds by anonymous

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I'm so sorry for what you are going through. However, not knowing the laws in your area, I can't advise you as to whether the city can take your dogs or not. I realize that finances are an issue, but there are legal aid societies that you can contact for help. It would seem that if you have paid the city $100 for the 6 dogs, then you have a good case, especially if you have documentation showing that the city accepted payment for you to keep the 6 dogs. You also might want to contact the local and state newspapers  and tell them your story and ask for their help. I hope that all goes well for you.
answered Sep 1, 2015 by (36,420 points)