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Herbal supplements for dementia

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I recently noticed my 10+ year old Golden getting up in the middle of the night seemingly confused. He has cataracts but it seems to be more than just a sight issue. There was a post on FB regrding dementia and herbal supplements that can help. Rocco also has seizures and has been on phenbarb and potassium bromide for 5+ years.I can't seem to find the post to do some research, any ideas?
asked Jan 31, 2015 in Dog Health by anonymous

1 Answer

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I have a 12 yr. old GSD that also has signs of dementia or what is called Cognitive dysfunction. A supplement that includes choline and lecithin is recommended. Also Vitamin E, omega 3, astragalus, alfalfa, ginko baloba, gotu kola, coenzyme Q10 are some others. But before you use any supplement on Rocco, I would suggest you see a holistic vet to get the correct combination & dosages of each for Rocco. It's particularly important to get input from a vet since Rocco has other medical condition & is taking medications.
answered Feb 1, 2015 by (36,420 points)