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I'm planing to get a German Shepherd Dog, please help

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I'm about to get a dog and now I'm choosing the breed for now me and my wife has decided to get a German shepherd dog. While we were doing our research on the net about dis dog breed. I've stumbled upon this article where i road this sentence "Many complain that German Shepherds are very rough and tough." -  is it ture? 

I'll be happy if an owner of a German Shepherd answer my question.

Thanks in advance

asked Feb 11, 2015 in Dog Breeds by anonymous

1 Answer

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German Shepherds are my favorite breed of dog.  My very first dog, many years ago was a GSD. They are loving, loyal, trustworthy, intelligent, willing to do anything a loving owner asks of them. As with any dog, early training with a gentle hand and rewards for doing a good job are important. Never use punishment, it's cruel and it doesn't work. My present GSD is my devoted companion  very closely bonded with me . If you have any specific questions, I'll be happy to answer them. If you like large dogs, the GSD is a wonderful breed.
answered Feb 13, 2015 by (36,420 points)