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When will my puppy stop crying?

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We adopted a 10-week-old puppy from the pound a couple ofweeks ago. She cries a lot. I think it's because she misses her mother. When can I fo to make her ahppy and top wining all the time>
asked Mar 3, 2014 in Dog Behavior by anonymous

1 Answer

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First have your puppy checked at the vet to make sure the cause is not medical. Then put your pup on a regular routine. When it's time for nap or bed, use a crate suitable for her size and keep it close to you  so that she has your scent. Don't pick the pup up or she will understand that crying gets her attention. Put an article of your clothing in the crate as your scent will give her comfort. Add a favorite toy, a special blanket to lie on. Some people recommend a ticking clock which is supposed to remind them of their mothers' heartbeat, but I don't know if that really works. Give your pup enough awake time attention, start training her and give her exercise appropriate for her size and age. A tired pup will only be too happy to fall right to sleep without any comments.
answered Mar 9, 2014 by (36,420 points)