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What's the best treatment for fleas?

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Every summer we get inundated with fleas. I worry that all the chemicals that we use will affect our pets' health. What is the best and least invasive way to deal with fleas?
asked Mar 17, 2013 in Dog Care by mamairis (6,910 points)
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I can empathize as we have a flea and tick invasion in the warm months. One of my dogs developed ehrllichiosis from a tick bite, so I do use Frontline Plus for her, but very sparingly - beginning the middle of May, I apply it every 6 weeks , the last application in August (3 applications). Another of my dogs is very sensitive and I use Sentry Natural Defense spot-on for her. The Only Natural Pet Store has a Herbal Defense Squeeze-on and many other natural products such as tags, powders, Herbal shampoos and conditioners. Food grade Diatomaceous Earth is excellent for use in the garden and home and is not toxic although when applying it, pets should not inhale the dust.A few drops of Melrose oil mixed with water also repels fleas. But it has to be applied often. Grow lots of geraniums in your garden - they repel fleas and ticks. Vacuum often and launder pet's bedding at least weekly. Shampoo your pets more often during flea season and use a conditioner (make sure both are natural herbal products) so that skin doesn't dry out.There are a number of natural products available, it's a matter of finding the most effective one for your pet.Always follow directions carefully as pets can have reactions to natural products too.
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