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Should I be concerned that my cat doesn't really care to be clean?

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Our cat is healthy and happy but he gets dirty all the time. He goes outside and gets into all things, like mud and dirt and other nasty things. He doesn't feel the need to clean himself off right away and I often take him to the sink and wash him down. (He really hates it, like most cats.) Is this normal behavior? What can I do to get him to keep himself clean.
asked Jul 24, 2013 in Cat Behavior by anonymous

1 Answer

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It's important to find out why your cat doesn't keep clean. Is your cat obese or have joint problems or other issues? There's a product for pets that just like baby wipes that can be used for cleanups. If your cat is long-haired, you might consider trimming the fur a bit, using a blunt edged scissor to avoid accidents. Cats are normally fastidious animals so it might be a good idea to have the vet check him just to make sure that he's in good health.
answered Jul 25, 2013 by (36,420 points)