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What can I do to keep my cat happy when I'm away on a trip?

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I need to go on a business trip for a few days. I have someone coming in to feed and and clean the litterbox while I'm away. What can I do to make sure that she's happy while I'm gone.
asked Jul 2, 2013 in Cat Care by anonymous

1 Answer

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Cats are social creatures and need interaction with other cats or humans. You may consider asking the caregiver to take your cat to a pet daycare center for playtime during the day. Or ask the caregiver to spend some time entertaining your cat so s/he won't feel lonesome. If you've hired a pet sitter, s/he will spend time playing with the cat. Since cats sleep close to 18 hours a day, this doesn't present much of a problem.
answered Jul 5, 2013 by (36,420 points)