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At what age should a foal be weaned?

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My foal is 6 months old. When she she be weaned?
asked Jun 25, 2013 in Horse Health by anonymous

1 Answer

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In the wild, foals are weaned naturally by the newly expectant mare. A general guide for weaning a foal from domesticated mare is about 6 months of age, earlier than wild horses. You have to judge whether the mare's condition is good or the foal is growing too quickly. If there's a problem, the foal can be weaned as early as 4 months old. Make sure the foal is used to eating feed from a bucket and that the weaning doesn't cause the mare or the foal any undue stress. Interacting with other mares and foals makes the weaning process easier.
answered Jun 30, 2013 by (36,420 points)