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Is it illegal to eat your pet?

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Let's say you own a pet flounder or chicken, is it illegal to kill and eat it?
asked Apr 29, 2013 in Animal Welfare by (1,570 points)

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In the U.S. there is a law that prevents the sale of dog meat for commercial purposes. In India cows are considered sacred and are not killed for food. In some Asian countries dogs are actually raised for meat.  Do you mean animals that are raised specifically for food or actual pets? It may be legal to eat pets around the world but I believe it's morally reprehensible. I do understand that certain animals are raised for food but I believe it is the obligation of the owner to treat them humanely. I can understand people eating free-range, cruelty-free raised cows, chickens and so on and given the dignity of a humane death. But I find factory farming a blight on the world. As for eating pets, it may be legal but I find it repugnant. And I stand by my beliefs as I have been a vegan for some time.
answered May 7, 2013 by (36,420 points)