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Why is there a line down my budgies stomach/chest?

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When I first got my budgie she didn't have a line down her stomach. She got it when she was older and I saw lines on budgies online and I think it's normal. But it looks really weird and I wanna get rid of it. My oldest budgie is 1 yr & 4 months, and he doesn't have it. It's not really a line but it's like feathers in the middle of the stomach folding in and making it look like a line. I'm wondering why it's there, and what it's there for.
asked Aug 13, 2015 in Bird Health by anonymous

1 Answer

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It doesn't sound like anything abnormal. If your budgie's behavior has changed, if she's not eating, has loose droppings, then you should take her to an avian vet for evaluation.
answered Aug 13, 2015 by (36,420 points)