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Dove? Identification

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I am in a nusing home and they have a huge cage with several different pairs of  very small birds in it. a few pair are nesting and i am trying to find out how long it takes to hatch their eggs but i dony know what kind of birds they are. the first pair are a little larger than the finch type other ones. they i thought were some kind of dove. they are grey with black tipped wings a white tail and orange rings around their eyes can anyone help me with any info about them
asked Apr 6, 2014 in Bird Health by anonymous

1 Answer

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Without an actual photo it's difficult to determine what type of bird it is. There is an Australian dove called the "Diamond Dove" which is similar to your description. This seems to be the closest to the bird you describe.  It is one of the smaller Australian doves. It can make a whistling sound when flying. These doves spend a lot of time walking around the bottom of the cage. I hope this helps you.
answered Apr 9, 2014 by (36,420 points)