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Which parrot makes the least amount of mess?

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I had a grey parrot when I was young and he would dig through his food and leave shells all over the place. He was wonderful, but very messy. I'm thinking about getting another parrot. Are there any breeds that less messy than my Grey was?
asked Mar 5, 2014 in Bird Behavior by anonymous

1 Answer

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Parrots are messy birds, no doubt about it. The larger the bird, there's usually more seed and poop cleanup. The only way to avoid a lot of mess is to keep the bird caged all the time which isn't fair or good for bird and there is still some mess to clean up. Electus parrots are thought to be less messy than other parrots, but no guarantee. Whatever parrot you decide on, don't think about mess, just enjoy having a wonderful companion.
answered Mar 9, 2014 by (36,420 points)