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How can I catch a stray cat?

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There is a beautiful cat outside that I'd love to give a home to. She seems as if she'd love to come in out of the cold. She tries to come near, but then something happens and it freaks her out and she runs. What can I do to get her to be more friendly and less of a scardy cat?
asked Dec 4, 2013 in Cat Behavior by anonymous

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It will take time and patience which may or may not be rewarded. If you have a sheltered area right next to your door, set out a box or bed for the cat placing inside it a piece of material that has your odor on it. Place the food next to the bed. Quietly sit down a little distance from the food. Eventually the cat will get used to your presence. Gradually move the food and the bed closer to your door. You can then move them just inside  the door . If she decides to come inside, don't close the door suddenly so she won't feel trapped. In time, she may get accustomed to the idea of coming indoors. Don't rush to pet her as touching may frighten her. Depending on the age of the cat and whether she is feral or a stray, this will take time.
answered Dec 17, 2013 by (36,420 points)