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What should I look for in a riding instructor?

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My daughter is about to start learning to ride. What are good qualities to look for in a riding instructor? Is there any certification that I should look for?
asked Dec 3, 2013 in Horse Care by anonymous

1 Answer

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Decide what style of riding is of interest, whether riding for fun or go into competition. It's always best to choose an instructor that is certified (has studied and earned a certificate of qualification) or an instructor who is recommended by someone you trust. Consider the amount of time your daughter can give to instruction and how much you can pay per lesson. Compile a list of questions, take someone knowledgeable with you and visit with the instructor. Check the state of the horses and the barn. Don't be afraid to interview more than one instructor and choose the one who is most qualified and who you are comfortable with.
answered Dec 25, 2013 by (36,420 points)