My guineapig is acting weird :/

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I have my guinea pig for about half a year. He was always a bit scared of everything, but for the last month something's wrong. He doesnt let me to pet him and when i take him out of the cage, he starts whining few minutes later and wants me to put him back. I thought maybe it could be problem with his diet so i gave him lots of fibers. Now his poop seems normal and healthy. What is more, i thought it could be problems with his skin, because he seems to scratch himself alot. however, i did not notice any hair loss, parasites or wounded patches. He is whining alot even when he is taken out and even if it looks like he lays comfortably and relaxed. He doesn't want me to touch him and always whines, however, the whining has become more silent than in the beginning, when he had no problems. I don't want to make him suffer and just want to know what to do, because it is not possible to take him to the vet immediately. Thank you for your answer.

asked Jan 8 in Guinea Pigs by anonymous  

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I wish I could help you, but I'm not a veterinarian. You have made changes that seem to have helped somewhat. Could he be in pain? The best thing for you to do is take him to a vet familiar with small animals.
answered Jan 15 by Mamairis (37,200 points)