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1st Pet BiographySamantha, my 2nd GSD, lived with me for 11 years. She was my protector & dear friend until she succumbed to stomach torsion.
2nd Pet BiographyToto is a mix, perhaps some terrier. I found her as a tiny pup at a bus station. She'll be 16 yrs. old in March & still loving her food.
3rd Pet BiographyTimo, another stray, found at 2 mos. old. My best friend & dog of my heart. I lost Timo to cancer 9 days before her 9th birthday. Her story is on "Log of Timo's Fight with Cancer."
4th Pet BiographyQuanah Parker, my 3rd GSD whom I love dearly. My poor dear friend has had many health issues, but remains sweet as ever.
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About meAs you might have guessed, I'm an animal lover. I've had pets all my life and have learned to respect animals and how they enrich our lives.
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posted 1292 days ago

Wow, that's fabulous - thankyou so much for the fast response! Best wishes, Cara.

posted 1292 days ago

Hello there, I work for a UK animal charity (Cats Protection) and we're creating a fundraising pack based around the case of a cat with plasma cell pododermatitis. We don't have any images of the condition and would really like to use the image you've used on your page on the condition on Pet Wiki. Can you give us permission to use it please? Many thanks, Cara.

posted 2581 days ago

yes, an update! it's been 2 weeks, he gets his stitches removed tomorrow. the incision has healed nicely. He has torn a few of the stitches as of late, but seems to not be creating issues. As we left the surgeon's office, he was walking on it. he has been using since then, and even after a day and half off the pain killer, is still using it! Day of suregery - he was under for 4 hours (I was getting nervous they weren't calling) The surgeon notified us that: the arthritis was present the previous surgery on this joint (sutures) was completely a waste. both sutures were torn 100%, one was removed, the other was missing, but was found caught within the joint, and the anchor pin was pulled out very easily with his fingers. He said the TTA was the easy part of all. He was able to obtain the right angle (about 92 deg I believe) Titanium plates and bone grafs in. they had him on a pain patch for the first 3 days, as there was so much done inside there. Once the patch was removed he really started becoming more like himself as the days progressed. We were prescribed some PT - hot compress and then moving his leg through the motion of bending and straighteneing, as the muscle atrophy could be the issue now, as well as since he had been tucking that leg, the hamstring has shortened. He does a lot of this streching on his own when he stands up. It is so awesome to see him use the leg, I cry everytime he does. it had been almost 2 years since I've seen that. Hopefully the progress and rehab continues this way. In addition to tomorrow, we go at 4 weeks and then x-rays at 8 weeks. I am not sure if he will prescribe or clear Duke for any additional PT, but there are a few Centers around the region that specialize in that. at the least we would like to get him on the under water treadmill or life jacket and guide him in a small lake to do a bit as well. I will see if I can post the x-rays as these are electronic.

posted 2596 days ago

Thanks so much for taking the time to write back and provide some very helpful food for thought. At this moment we are going to proceed with the TTA procedure tomorrow, and I am going to ask about the meniscus tear; it's suspected right now that it is torn, but not sure how bad. The same reason for you on amputation; Duke 3.5 yrs ago had the lateral sutures method on the left knee, which healed perfectly and has caused no issues, however opting for amputation tomorrow could really effect that left leg (Duke is 90 lbs). I will keep you both posted on how it goes. I really truly believe this will help me at least touch his toes to the ground more comfortably.

posted 2597 days ago

Could you possibly provide me an update on your dog Quanah? I have a lab who is having the TTA this week on a knee that had the lateral suture method done almost 2 years ago. he has really never used that leg again since the 1st surgery; diagnosis now is a halo around the existing anchor for the lateral sutures, believes torn meniscus, severe athritis around the site, severe muscle atrophy. the options he gave us was try TTA, with the expectation he may put little to some weight on the leg or amputation. I don't have the heart to amputate and have a strong hope that the TTA will work and get him some mobility and use of the leg. I was just curious how yours has recovered as it sounded like it was a simliar diagnosis. Thanks so much!

posted 2769 days ago

Hi Iris It looks like it worked!! Let me know if you get this. I wish it would work for me on my work computer too! I'll have to complain to the technicians that I can't do personal stuff in work's time, ha ha ha! Scully seems to be a bit more perky this evening. I'll reply to your email now anyway. Liz

posted 2813 days ago

Nah I am happy you completed it for me and there are thousands of topic to be written anyways . You are doing a great job by writing articles and helping out everyone here . :)

posted 2814 days ago

Thanks for you edits on Afghan Hound . I though of working on it today but thanks to you it looks totally good .

posted 2815 days ago

Did you read my post in the forums .Do you have any suggestions on where the link to Create a page/Write an article should be placed .And thanks for adding me as a friend . Happy X'mas

posted 2823 days ago

Hey there Mamairis . Thanks for those kind words which really gives a feel of welcome . Sorry I am not really English or anything of that sort and therefore my English might be poor . Anyways I 'll try my best to contribute here and another huge thanks ! Cheers :)