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My pets
1st Pet BiographyScully is about 9 years old. She is a Ridgeback/Staffy cross. We've had her since Dec 13th 2001. She was from a shelter and she came as part of the package with Dana, our sweet girl who we lost to cancer on 31st May 2009. On Feb 7th 2008, Scully was playing with Dana and she fell on her back in a funny twist. Well, it ended up that she smashed discs in her spine, they shattered and went into her spinal fluid, eventually paralysing her. She had emergency surgery on her spine, and we weren't sure if she'd ever walk again. It was an awful time for us all, but we were determined to rehabilitate her. Well with lots of TLC and rehab, she made a great recovery and can still run. She limps a lot, and we have therapy and acupucture for her to keep her well. We love her so much and we call her our 'little link to Dana' . She is the sweetest, friendliest little girl.
2nd Pet BiographyWe got Ivy (Kelpie, Ridgeback, Staffy, Pit Bull cross) at 8 months old from a shelter on 10th June 2009, just 10 days after we lost our darling Dana to cancer. We were so worried about Scully being lonely, as she had never been without Dana her whole life. I had taken 3 weeks off work when Dana was diagnosed with cancer, but had to go back to work. We were just about to get in the car at the last shelter we were visiting, to drive home, as we couldn't find a suitable dog to adopt and Chris, my partner, needed to run back in to use the bathroom before we left. He came back to me and said there was a dog that had been put back in her pen after her walk who wasn't there when we walked though before, and she was sweet looking. So we spent the next hour with her and Scully to see if we were all suited. We decided we were and left a deposit as we could not take her right away, as Ivy (Chris named her) had not done her legal 8 days in 'custody' and was yet to be desexed. So I half expected to get a phone call to say she had been claimed, but instead it was to say come and pick her up. So off we went and brought her home. It was extremely hard for us having a new dog so soon after losing Dana, as we were grieving so much it was almost unbearable trying to bond with another dog. All we wanted was Dana back. At one point, we almost gave her away to my parents who were looking for a new dog, as their beloved Danny Boy died a year ago. But we decided to persevere as Ivy was such a sweet girl. So she stayed and has slowly wormed her way into our hearts.
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Real nameLiz Dealey
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posted 1706 days ago

Thanks for adding the facts about the Australian sheep trade. A link to your article has been added to the Australia article. If you like you can also add a paragraph to the Australia page about this issue.

posted 1968 days ago

I'll make sure to write that it's a gift (which it is) so that you won't have to pay customs on it. I know that works in Israel; I hope it's the same in Australia.

posted 1970 days ago

That's totally cool. I'm so excited about getting these Ts out. I can't wait to see everyone in them. I'm not sure how long the mail takes to Australia. I hope it gets there quickly. :)

posted 2034 days ago

Hi Liz! I thought that you'd like to know that I added Dana's picture to your angel article. You can see it here:

I also mentioned you (or should I say that Omer mentioned you ;) in a blog post about the contest. You can see it here:

Thanks so much and have a great week!

posted 2083 days ago

Hi Liz! I think it would make a great article. I don't think I'm alone finding the whole thing fascinating. Share away! :)

posted 2084 days ago

Hi Liz! The article looks great. I added a picture and categorized it to make it easier to find. You can find links to it on the homepage and on the the Dogs page. Thanks so much! Rena

posted 2084 days ago

I'm glad things seem to be sorted out. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. If you'd like me to put the article up for you, I'd be happy to. You are also welcome to do it yourself. Either way works for me. Mom won't take any money from me (although I've offered her a bunch of times). She says she can't take money from her kids. Maybe you can convince her ;-)

posted 2084 days ago

Hi Liz! I'm very glad that everything has been sorted out. My mom is a pretty special lady. I am very lucky to have her.

I really looking forward to hearing your story about the animal communicator. I thought about using one for a cat that doesn't seem all that happy. It will be great to hear about your experience.

Omer is doing great. He really hated the medicine, but now that that is over, he's back to his old self.

posted 2086 days ago

I got it! I sent a reply to your e-mail before I realized you wrote on the board. I'm so glad it finally worked. Give Scully a big hug from me.

posted 2090 days ago

Hi Liz and welcome. I hope I'm doing this right. We'll know if you get my invitation as a friend. Mamairis