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  • Do Cats Show Love?
    Cats have a reputation of being aloof, independent, antisocial, showing affection only when they want something and other such behaviors. Those of us who live with cats can easily debunk these myths...
  • Exercising Your Guinea Pig
    If your guinea pig has a large cage, s/he will manage to get a fair amount of exercise, especially if the cage is equipped with shelves and toys to keep busy...
  • Boredom Busters for Dogs
    We all have to leave our dogs on their own at some time or other. It's good to have things to occupy their time and keep their attention, so they they do not turn their attention to destroying plants in the garden or digging holes, or if left in the house, the furniture...
  • Second Career for Racehorses
    Retired racehorses often begin "second careers" in other sports, as studs/broodmares or as therapeutic pets...
  • Choosing a Dog Walker/Pet Sitter
    In choosing a dog walker/pet sitter, you are entrusting your beloved pet to someone else. It's important to choose the right one for you and your pet...
  • Poison Control
    Homes can be full of poisons which are dangerous to animals. It is important to keep these items out of your pet's reach. The ASPCA lists the top ten poison hazards in the home...
  • Spaying/Neutering Pet Pigs
    Unless you plan on breeding your pet pig, s/he should be spayed or neutered. Males are neutered and females are spayed...
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