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Do donkeys make good pets?

Donkeys are great pets for people who are knowledgeable about them.

Jacks are ungelded males and a little more difficult to tame. Jennys are female donkeys. Unless you have experience with donkeys, it's best to start with a tame one.

Donkeys need lots of space, at least 2 acres of land, where they can be kept with other animals - sheep, horses, cattle, llamas and other donkeys. They need proper protection from sun and rain and the area should be fenced.

Donkeys are often kept as guards for sheep and protect them from coyotes and wild dogs. Donkeys don't like dogs, as they view them as predators of the livestock they guard, but you can teach them to get along with the family pet dog.

Tame donkeys are very friendly and will even call out to you. They can be ridden and used to carry items. Donkeys can be stubborn, but they are very intelligent. If they suspect something is dangerous, they will protect you as well as themselves.

They should have fresh water always available. They thrive on pasture and hay. As with all pet animals, consult your vet as to vaccinations and other care.

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