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The platypus is an Australian icon and has appeared as a mascot at national events and is featured on the reverse of the Australian 20 cent coin.

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Omer, the benevolent

It’s about time! After all, there is a Mother’s Day, a Father’s Day, a Grandparent’s Day. Heck, there’s even a President’s Day. It was only a matter of time until the most revered animal got their day in the sun as well. I know what you’re thinking, every day is cat’s day. Not true (although it should be).

Today is World Cat Day. That’s right, baby, it’s all about us kitties. It’s really a time for people to be aware of cat issues. Things like spaying and neutering your pets, making sure that they are vaccinated and trap-neuter-release programs for those kitties that aren’t as fortunate as I am to have a really purrfect home.

So what are my people doing for me on this very, very special day? Well anything that I want! It’s good to be a cat!

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