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Just Hanging Out INSIDE!

I know, I’m always complaining. First I complained about how cold it was and now I can’t keep my trap shut about the heat. I don’t know if it’s the same where you live, but in my neck of the woods, it’s scorching!

Us kitties could realy use your help. I guess those other creatures could use your help too. You know, those big hairy creatures that bark at us. It’s not that I like them (at all), it’s just that I’m feeling a bit sorry for them. You’ve seen them with their tongues hanging out. Kind of sloppy, but those humans seem to like them.

Well, mom knows what to do. There are some great articles on The Pet Wiki on how to keep you furry friends cool. Keeping cats cool: Did you know that white cats can get sunburn? Neither did I. I’ll be staying indoors. I know that I have a bit of shading on my back, but better safe than sorry.

Keeping all animals cool: make sure that they have plenty of water. Shade is so important for pets while they are outdoors.

Just think cool thoughts. I sure will be.

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